"The Centre's most successful and popular tutor."
Professor W. Jones, Director, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Newcastle, U.K.

"Student feedback on his classes - both for language teaching and cultural context teaching - is the best we have on record in the past ten years. (...) An excellent colleague to work with."
Professor Chris Perriam, Head of Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University of Newcastle, U.K.

"Jesús undertakes [his] work with students, especially in relation to student progress and retention, most assiduously. Students feel well supported. (...) Jesús has worked extremely effectively with his associate lecturers and leads a motivated and well-supported team who feel valued in their role. (...) Very much a key member of staff."
John Shipley, Order of the British Empire, Regional Director, The Open University in the U.K.

“Excelente organización, dinamismo, capacidad para promocionar la cultura española y carácter emprendedor.”
Ignacio Sánchez de Lerín, Consul General of Spain

“I wish to offer you congratulations on winning the MTS Pioneer Business Award recently at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. You are to be commended for producing the incredible effort and dedication it takes to create a new business. The Spanish Institute is especially impressive in that it is now considered the leading Spanish-language specialist in this province and as well avails a very important service to our communities. Your accomplishments are exemplary and you are certainly well deserving of receiving this prestigious award." Hon.
Heather Stefanson, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Tuxedo

“An outstanding educator.”
Rita Zuba Prokopetz, International Languages Program, University of Winnipeg.

"The most interesting and inspiring Spanish courses that I have ever attended (and I have attended many!). (...) In addition to his good pedagogic style, Jesús is an incredibly keen teacher, apparently interested in everything and able to talk to anyone about anything. He has re-kindled my interest in Spanish and even managed to get me to do my homework (a rarity!)."
Dr. Jo Whaley

"I found his teaching to be of the highest quality. There were constant stimulating activities to perform and he displayed a high level of competence in managing the classes and supporting and encouraging the students. He had a good rapport with his classes and was well capable of creating a good learning environment."
Dr. Lewis Mates

“At the Spanish Institute, I feel safe - safe to learn at my own pace, safe to make mistakes. Jesús Angel Miguel García transmits generously his passion for his language and his culture. As a student learning a foreign language, this passion is important to me. I've taken classes at the Berlitz School in Brussels, Belgium, I've participated in a conversational Spanish group in Brussels and have taken other classes in Winnipeg as well: none, absolutely none, compare to what the Spanish Institute has to offer.

Thanks to the variety of listening and writing activities, I am now writing poetry in Spanish! This is very exciting to me, and was quite unexpected. Thanks to Jesús' warmth and encouragement, I'm now interacting with a wonderful Spanish poet who is willing to guide me in my writing endeavours.

On a more practical level, the small number of students provides the opportunity for each one to speak. And the conversations are very stimulating - a wide variety of topics are discussed. It's fun! And now I've discovered a real passion for Spanish. Thanks Jesús.”
Louise Dandeneau

“An excellent teacher and a resource person. He was always available for questions, his easy going manner and his good natured approach to teaching invited excellent rapport between students and teacher.”
Richard Hopko

“The most enjoyable language class that I have experienced.”
Michael Lynch

“My original plan was to go study Spanish in Central America, but when that didn’t work out, I enrolled in lessons at the Spanish Institute. The well-rounded syllabus paid equal attention to grammar, reading and comprehension - but above all else, the greatest emphasis was placed on the most important component of studying any language: conversation. Whether it was text material, mock interviews, world events or just friendly dialogue, there were constant opportunities to practice speaking in an un-intimidating environment. It was always obvious to me the extra effort Professor Miguel-Garcia put into presenting the information in a stimulating manner and the attention he gave to areas where I needed improvement. Course material was enhanced through repetition, practical exercises, homework and discussions, which progressed logically at a manageable pace. Never once did I dread going to my lesson or feel embarrassed about making mistakes, and I looked forward to the time when I would be able to use what I had learnt. The true test came during a recent trip to Spain. Suddenly my lessons were coming to life before me - and, much to my delight, I was actually a functioning part of them! I could understand and be understood - I was interacting with Spanish speakers! It was the best confirmation possible to prove that not only had I learnt a lot, but I had actually retained it too. Whether you have never studied before or want to maintain what you already know, the best solution for any Winnipeger looking to study Spanish is the Spanish Institute.”
Tanissa Martindale, Project Coordinator, Right to Play (International NGO)

"His wisdom, intelligence and humour have always been a great help. His teaching skills simply compliment the leader in him!"
Fr. Colm Hayden, S.S.S., St. Andrew's Church, Newcastle, U.K.

"Absolutely trustworthy and honest."
Michael Truman, Head of Spanish, The Open University.

“He has a comprehensive knowledge of both the language he teaches and the linguistic concepts needed to master another language – always introduces ideas to help us to learn better. Participation is always encouraged. Classes are enriching and exciting.”
Catherine Johannson

“Jesús is an excellent Spanish teacher. He knows what the students need to learn and he always challenges them to advance their learning. He is always enthusiastic and makes the classes beneficial to all.”
Connie Baker

“Se?or Miguel-García is an excellent Spanish teacher. He takes time to explain things thoroughly and provides individual attention when it is needed. He is a teacher/linguist by profession and it shows in his knowledge of language structure. He is conscious that many of us have plateaued, and he is trying hard to help us to the next level. He is the best Spanish teacher in the 7-8 years I’ve been taking Spanish.”
Glenn Aitchison

“I am very impressed with Jesús’ knowledge of linguistics and the origin of words. It helps me to understand the language better. Jesús is one of the few teachers I have had who thoroughly enjoys his subject matter. As a student, it makes learning easier when the teacher is so enthusiastic.”
Lisa Forbes

“Mr. Miguel-García brings with him a lot of international experience. This is very beneficial for a language teacher. He is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and can explain concepts with little difficulty. He has a lot of patience and takes an interest in his students.”
Marina Ames

“I enjoyed the emphasis on using phrases rather than grammar. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and insight into the language. I would recommend this program to others and will participate again.”
Student from Canadian Wheat Board

“I found the class phenomenally useful. - good use/mix of practical /theoretical - lots of good vocabulary - good, light conversational style thoughtful - topics were well selected for immediate useability - good reviews of prior week’s vocabulary/very useful - I hope that we can have you back. - Thank you!"
Student from Canadian Wheat Board

“An excellent speaker and reader”
Louann Savage, events coordinator, McNally Robinson Booksellers

“Thank you for another great term of Spanish classes, cine club, el Boletín, e-mails and cultural events.Your enthusiasm and your classes have fueled our family’s passion for all things Spanish!.”
Lynn Carrière