How many classes will I have to attend?

Attendance depends on your chosen study approach. Courses run for 13 weeks (26 hours of teaching). Classes take into account student’s circumstances and needs.

Private tuition is tailored based on the student’s specific needs.

How much does each course cost?

You can find out what the tuition fees are by email or telephone.


tel. (204) 832 9893

What support do I get as a student of The Spanish Institute?

You’ll receive personal advice, support, guidance and assistance in class and after your class from The Spanish Institute the moment you register. On the first day of class you’ll get the course syllabus with the learning objectives and outcomes, and also The Best 101 Tips to Learn Spanish Better, designed specifically for The Spanish Institute’s students. Students get additional on-line support answering queries, providing support and guidance. You’ll receive El don de la palabra™, a daily email in Spanish and a monthly newsletter on Spanish language and culture.

How many levels are there?

The Spanish courses are organized into four levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. By the time students have finished Advanced, they should be able to express themselves as well as native Spanish speakers. They will also have a good grounding in the culture of the Hispanic world.

What if I don´t know any Spanish?

Beginner Level course classes have been designed for students who have no prior knowledge of Spanish. At this level, students can opt to have instructions and explanations in English or French. They can also decide whether to use Spanish, English or French when contacting The Spanish Institute.

What if I do know some Spanish?

The Spanish Institute offers courses at all levels of Spanish. You will be placed you in the right course for your abilities.

What kind of Spanish is taught?

Although The Spanish Institute opts primarily to teach the Spanish of educated speakers from Spain, the main varieties of the language from Spain and Latin America, as well as information on their origins, can are taught. This approach allows students to become familiar with the broad diversity of the Spanish language. If, however, you wish to specialize in a particular linguistic variant, The Spanish Institute can advise you.

Do I need to buy any books or materials?

No. You don’t need to buy any additional books or materials. You’ll receive the relevant textbooks and materials for each tutorial.

What is the teaching material like?

The course materials are varied in kind, in the manner in which they are presented and in the way in which students interact with them. They have a varied structure and combine dialogues, gap-fill activities, games, texts, recorded material, in an attractive and dynamic way, providing opportunities to practise the four skills, listening, reading, writing and speaking, with a special emphasis on the latter.

Also The Spanish Institute’s students can have access to authentic Spanish language resources from literature, the media and the Internet itself. You can join The Spanish Institute’s Book Club and Cine Club.

What are the courses like?

Our courses have been designed for adult learners. While teaching how to function in a Spanish-speaking world the course will also give you access, by learning the language, to the whole culture and history.

The pedagogical approach is both communicative (you want to learn through practicing the language in real and recognisable situations), cultural (you want to understand and enjoy aspects of the Spanish-speaking world that give the language life and meaning), and student-centred (enabling you, as an adult learner, to bring into the class the experiences you have had, before and during the course of study, stimulating you to engage with these and the course concepts through critical reflection).

The course sets out to provide you with the means to express yourself in a particular context and to ensure that you learn not only vocabulary, phrases and expressions but also patterns of language.

At The Spanish Institute learners practise verbal skills. They are encouraged to speak out, to ask questions and express opinions and interact with members of the group. At The Spanish Institute you’ll Learn To Learn Better™.

The Spanish Institute classes, extra services and benefits will provide you with many opportunities to explore aspects of the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

Are there any courses for children and teenagers?

A limited number of classes are available for children from 6 years to 17 years. Please contact The Spanish Institute for further details.

Will I really learn to communicate in Spanish?

The course objective is to help students develop the ability to communicate in Spanish. Students work with communicative materials, and do a series of exercises in which they have to express themselves in Spanish with their group companions and tutor.

How many students are there in each course?

The average size of groups is four students, to ensure personalized attention and to maximize the opportunities to practise in class.

What schedule do the courses follow?

There are morning and evening sessions. All tutorials last two hours. Private tuition sessions can last from one to three hours depending on the student’s personal needs.

Will I get a certificate and a language report?

Registered students who attend 75% of classes will receive a course attendance certificate and language certificate.

Students who wish to obtain an official qualification verifying their language abilities can sit the examinations for the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera. These take place every year in different countries and in more than a hundred cities.